Venlo – Floriade 2012

This year, 2012, the International Horticultural Exhibition “Floriade” takes place in Venlo in the Netherlands. The Floriade is a large garden and landscape show of international standards. The event not only includes exhibition pavilions, and international gardens, but also exhibits of the local horticultural and landscape industries.

Hollandschap/Eurolandscape was asked if to design an eye catching exhibit for leading firms in the nursery, perennial and bulb industry. We were very excited about the request to design a 1200m2 exhibit. As a landscape architect, Pieter van Loon has been involved in quite a few of these international exhibits throughout the world.

A location next to one of the two cable car stations has been given to the initiative group (almost in the station). A nice aspect of this location is that visitors have a bird eye view over the lot while approaching, or leaving, the station. However, there is also an opportunity to walk through the exhibit when leaving the cable car station. The exhibit is designed in a way that makes it appealing, interesting and educational to walk around. This unique location is part of the theme in the Floriade 2012 – “Relax & Heal”.

The target groups for the exhibitors are: the various governments on municipal and provincial level, large public agencies such as rail, Rijkswaterstaat, and the Provincial Waterstaat. Last, but not least, is the group of suppliers to many firms in the landscape industry.

The theme for our exhibit is “Relax in the City” and it shows opportunities to enhance public open spaces. A colorful scheme with a six month flowering period (throughout the duration of the exhibition) has been planted with bulbs, perennials, shrubs, etc. The exhibit will also have a tent, wooden decks and terraces, and a curved wall with information panels. Finally, colorful clay bricks, in seven colors, complete the garden design.

The exhibition was opened on the 4th of April 2012.

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