France – Les Sables D’Olonne – Les Jardins de Villeneuve

This project is located in the southwestern part of France, between Nantes and the Atlantic Coast. The area is a semi-rural area where our client owns an old farmhouse with farmland. The project required us to create a plan to redevelop the farm building for various intentions. A tennis court and swimming pool have been included, furthermore, a nice café / restaurant has been incorporated.

In the area itself we have conducted a parceling for the second homes. At the bottom of the hill a natural stream has divided an overall parcel. By creating several lakes we made the area more attractive, in addition, more of the rainwater will be contained on site. Furthermore, footpaths have been created that are linked to the footpaths between the houses. Due to this, an interesting network of “nature” trail is developed. Currently, the area is nearly finished and most people are already living in their houses.