Rijswijk – The Strijp

Five companies were invited to participate in a design contest for this project. Together with Tjerk Reijenga of the company Bear Architects in Gouda, Hollandschap was responsible for both the urban and landscape architecture, and the ecological input for the project.

After several presentations the plan described below was selected.

Basically, the plan consists of a residential park and a green park area. Next to housing and the park area, the project area also has an extensive ecological program. To clear the water a constructed wetland using helophyte plants was created. The area will have its own system with an overflow onto the municipality’s system.

The park will serve as a spur for the new area and will offer a park facility to the neighborhood and its future residents. The landscape plan is developed in more detail and will be designed in close cooperation with the municipality and the residents.

The design plan and materialization are detailed and illustrated by means of an image plan book. During the final design process the residential area is further defragmented to give the area a clear and sustainable structure.