Botanical Gardens

Hollandschap has played an important role in the presentation of several plant collections in the Netherlands. The combination with expositions abroad was an important stimulant. Pieter van Loon has, mainly due to a personal interest in plant collections in the Netherlands and abroad, had to opportunity to execute several projects. In the Netherlands, the profound involvement with the Floriade in 1982 created a very interesting and challenging experience. The Floriade was followed by several large projects abroad, all of comparable complexity. However, the different climates and environment made it a new challenge every time.  The visitor numbers and the responses are of vital importance for the, generally, temporary exhibitions. For these projects the experience in landscape architecture is clearly complemented by a broad knowledge of plants and botanical interest. It is very important to know how the public will react to different presentations and which climate atmospheres and sequence should create the exhibition’s context. A central principle is the presentation of different plant species. It is important to not only focus on plant connoisseurs but also on the interest of the general public. Realizing a project with newly developed products is a great challenge. This challenge is even bigger abroad where you also have to work with different climates.