Estates & Villa Districts

Both currently existing and new estates are important projects for Hollandschap. The already existing estates mainly benefit from consistent policy management and regular use. Spatial structures were once and important aspect of the design. The original use established the current charismatic characteristics. The different types of usage are of importance for the exploitation of an estate. New estates are an opportunity for the future. The goals is generally to create new landscaping with extend user possibilities and a residence with appearance. The way it is used depends on the environmental purpose. Hollandschap is currently working on 23 new estates that are mostly in the design phase. Several other plans have been implemented, contributing for 100 hectares of new natural areas. Villa districts can be seen as estates for larger groups of residents. Villa districts belong to the most valued living areas in a landscape setting by residents, but also from a botanical perspective. When a villa district is well designed it can contribute to the traditional living preferences, and can possibly even transcend these successes.