Loosdrecht – Redesign Town Center

In the old center area of Oud-Loosdrecht more or less everything is focused on water, boats, and sailing. However, contact with the water is difficult to fully experience for cars, bikers and pedestrians. Moreover, accessing the water is also quite difficult. Due to the crisscross of jetties, the view over the water is strongly hindered.

By means of this new design of the old town center, we wanted to renew the experience of -, and the view over the water.

The aim: Involving the surrounding landscape by means of large openings on and towards the water and the natural landscape.

  • Introducing multiple sight lines from the road and the public squares towards the water and landscape.
  • Adjusting the shoreline, and bringing the water closer to the road.
  • Creating several focus points in the water, such as platforms, islands, etc.
  • Excluding jetties in the sight lines.
  • Land division supports the most important sight lines.