Landscape Architecture

Coherence and design of the open spaces in urban and rural areas is of essential importance, as is a carefully and creative structuring of the elements therein. As a team we often participate in the integration of such elements in our projects.

Landscape Engineering

This department of the practice is concerned with the practical and implementation matters, having much experience in the application of new materials. Eurolandscape utilizes the modern equipment also used in surveying, soil mechanics and computers. CAD computers facilities are used extensively within the office. Construction specifications and contracts are prepared according to the Dutch R.A.W.-system or by traditional methods. Retaining our services during the project management and site supervision phases increases the quality of the product and guarantees that works are completed according to the time schedule.

Architecture and Urban Planning

Eurolandscape does not have the pretence of being an architect or urban designer. But these disciplines are well represented within our network of associated practices. We often participate in projects concerned with urban/town regeneration or location buildings in the landscape. In this way we contribute lucid landscaping ideas of the design process.

Forestry, Ecology and Natural Development

Eurolandscape focuses much of its attention on the urban area and its transition to the countryside. The application and development of “urban forestry” with its natural zones, having their own ecological structure, are given full attention within our practice. Design and implementation proposals and the conception of policy and management plans have become routine tasks.

Planting and Landscape Management

Eurolandscape has extensive experience in the development of designs of a long term nature and is well versed in technical management aspects and controlling the vitality of the project. The management process acquires an extra dimension due to a continuous assessment of the area in question against the function and the experience of the user. The ecology of urban and rural areas is often integrated in management plans.

Project Development and Management

Eurolandscape has often been appointed in very early stages to research the feasibilities of a project. Experience in developing masterplans and a creative and commercial attitude make us a valuable partner during the complete development process. Our strong points also include concept development and illustration for all phases of the project. Even long after its realization our office can provide management services.

The Service

The character of the service is twofold.

  1. Within its interdisciplinary resources Eurolandscape can provide the complete service for a project. The viewpoint from which we provide our service is described in our practice presentation.
  2. Eurolandscape can provide the desired expertise or a part service, giving the client the opportunity to apply his own resources to an optimum.

These forms of service can be provided in co-operation with local authorities or other practices who are concerned with (re)structuring of public spaces.