Spaarndam – Spaarnebuiten

“Spaarnebuiten”, as we call it, is situated in the town Spaarndam, which is part of the municipality of Haarlemmerlieden. The project site is located on the edge of this small town, an area formerly known as an industrial complex with shipyards and several other construction industries.

The current owner has decided to redevelop the site for housing (approximately 300 houses), partly because of its beautiful location at the rivers “Spaarne” and “Mooie Nel”, it is possible to see the town of Haarlem in the distance.

In order to connect the area to the old historic town, the parceling and landscaping was conducted in a particular manner, focusing on the historical structure. Consequently a park has been developed near the Spaarne and the Mooie Nel rivers. The old harbor (dock yard) has been redeveloped for recreational purposes surrounding the apartments. The spatial concept and the detailing, both have the same characteristics as the old town Spaarndam.

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