Voorburg Leischendam – Sijtwende

The project Sijtwende is located exactly on the border of former municipalities Voorburg and Leidschendam. This border area was planned several decennia ago, but was not executed until recently. The implementation was conducted by means of a road in a hollow dike / a tunnel. Ground level intersections facilitate local connections. The hollow dike principle (urban plan KuiperCompagnons) significantly reduces the traffic noise, which created a possibility for housing development. At the moment, 700 houses have been developed. Due to the tunnel the landscape was lifted up to six meters above ground level. Parts of the hollow dike include parking garages and on top of the tunnel the largest garden roof of the Netherlands can be found. These “green roofs” are mainly designed for the purpose of; connecting the green structure, giving residents a cultivated and natural living environment, and as a walking area.

After its realization, it became clear that the approach was well received and that this method was very appropriate for this situation. Hollandschap has made extensive efforts in creating both the landscape and the allocation plan.