‘s-Gravenzande – Rijnvaartpark

Rijnvaartpark was a park with little contents and the park was not used to its fullest potential. Due to the fact that many houses faced the park with the backside, changes had to be made in the surrounding residential area. More houses needed to face the park with their front side in order to improve social control. Also, for this purpose, extra houses had to be built. By creating a new user-friendly image, the Rijnvaartpark adds value to the surrounding area.

The park needed clear edges. Green and characterizing boundaries give the park a unique and distinctive image. Furthermore, the arrangement of the park was not very functional. By creating more connections to the park and by making it a public park, the Rijnvaartpark becomes more experiential to the public.

The Rijnvaartpark offers numerous possibilities for several types of leisure activities. There is enough space for e.g. a playground, a soccer field, a rosary, etc. At the entrance of the park a special monument can be placed.