Dordrecht – Merwestein Park

The Merwestein Park is located in the center of Dordrecht. This park has been a public green area ever since 1885, and because of that it is the oldest public park in the urban area of Dordrecht. Due to its rich history the park is of priceless value.

The purpose of this project was to keep the park up to date and ready for the 21st century without losing its historic character. The design and management have to be adapted to the contemporary wishes of the park’s users. However, Merwestein’s history is key in the new design.

Most important principles:

  • The quality, planting combinations and characteristics of the original vegetation have to be preserved.
  • The main attractions, like the fountain, playground, etc, have to be well maintained.
  • To give the park a more contemporary image the “statue garden” will also include some modern day art works.
  • The design and use of the park will be maximized.
  • Due to the green character, there will not be any new building locations.

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