The Hague – Nieuw Eykenduinen

In 2000 Hollandschap was assigned to create a plan for the redevelopment and extension of one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in The Hague, Nieuw Eykenduinen. New plans are necessary due to obsolescence and deferred maintenance. The masterplan consists of four parts:

Project site – the main focus here is the (re)development of the surroundings of the buildings, the parking lots on site, etc. The shape of the landscape (the experience and quality of the cemetery) is crucial because this will create the image visitors have of the cemetery.

Area surrounding the site – this part of the plan focuses on a good integration between the edges of the cemetery and the surrounding public area. This is done in cooperation with the municipality.

Layout of the graves – we have analyzed what the future capacity of the cemetery is. This creates possibilities to design a new pattern for the cemetery, which enables for a long-term plan with regards to the layout of the cemetery.

Management plan – the management plan describes the maintenance that is needed for the cemetery. This plan functions as a basis for the communication with the contractor who will be responsible for the maintenance.