Amsterdam – Zorgvlied

Ever since its initiation in 1870, the cemetery “Zorgvlied” has been well known amongst the citizens of Amsterdam. Its beautiful location at the river “Amstel” and the serenity at the site make it a popular cemetery. The cemetery has a unique ambiance and appearance and this is what the local government wants to emphasize. The maintenance of the yearlong created image of the cemetery is the main focus of the future plans for Zorgvlied.

Hollandschap was asked to update the cemetery entrance to fit within the current requirements. Even though the site should be accessible for cars it is important to create a controllable area for bikes, motorbikes, and cars.

The design includes a low green separation so that the office building is further separated from the public road. In addition, the office building should be accessible for wheelchairs. In order to realize this, large borders are placed in front of the entrance. Furthermore, the plan includes a terrace with a small “tea-kiosk” where people can enjoy a beverage. All materials used to realize the project are in line with the ambiance and style of the old cemetery.